Lightening & Brightening

We recently purchased a home and moved in at the end of June. We wanted to change up a few things before we actually moved in and our focus was lightening and brightening. Bigger changes will happen but that’s down the road and we get a better feel for the house and how we want it to work for our family.

We have been in the house officially 15 days and I finally have one room put together. It is the smallest room in the house and it’s the main bathroom. The hard surfaces for example the counter top and tile are not our favourite but they will do for now.

Main Bathroom Before
The walls in the bathroom were a darker teal similar to peacock. I wanted to lighten things up so throughout the house I painted almost everything a light creamy beige called Elkskin from Beauti Tone. Trying to keep things Canadian as much as possible. We used their Beauti Tone Designer Series paint. It had great coverage and went on smoothly.

I incorporated items we already had to keep the makeover of the bathroom very inexpensive. I would like to eventually change out the light as it’s a little on the glam side for my tastes but it will do for now.

I have a large sail boat picture I had purchased when staging the guest room in my home in Cornwall for it’s sale. The picture was a great size for the wall in this bathroom and a fabulous colour scheme that went with many accessories I already had.

Sailboat Picture

There are no towel bars in the room and no where that one would make sense to put. I decided to purchase hooks for hand towels and put those by the sink and I already had over the door hooks which would be nice and close to the tub/shower. I didn’t want to attach hooks to the door as these are hollow doors and almost impossible to fill those holes in the future.

To complete the look I added some items I had painted with FAT Paint and used previously in our old master bath.

FAT Painted Decor Items

I think at least on this project I managed to achieve the lightening and brightening we wanted for this room. What do you think, goal achieved?

I have so many other projects on a long list for our new home that I can’t wait to complete and share with you.


As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me by popping into the studio during business hours , email at or via messenger on our Facebook page.


Have a great day


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